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1/7/23: added links to guestbook and void plaza words

1/19/23: added site update log, updated guestbook and void plaza words buttons with colors and a new cursor

1/24/23: added a link to ko-fi

1/28/23: added void plaza space

2/18/23: added vaporwave classique

4/17/23: added void plaza art

5/18/23: added plaza chat

5/19/23: added void plaza recommends

5/19/23: moved update log

6/7/23: added hit counter

9/10/23: updated void plaza recs

9/10/23: updated void plaza words

9/10/23: changed void plaza art to void plaza interact

9/10/23: added buttons and links under the about box

1/9/24: cleaned up homepage, removed hit counter bc it didn't work, updated broken video links under void plaza recs

1/15/24: (finally) made and added 88x31 icon for this site

1/21/24: updated about section on homepage

3/11/24: added void plaza blog

5/09/24: updated satellite cult section on homepage to reflect hiatus

5/14/24: updated void plaza words