welcome to the void plaza

a virtual trshboy reality


my name is oli, and welcome to my corner of the net. i've been struggling to feel at home IRL more than ever recently, and i wanted to build a space where i could pretend to live in a cgi demo reel from the 80s. here we are. i love all things old web, but i don't think a total return to web1 is the answer to the ongoing corporate centralization of the net. there is so much new tech that we can use for good, even if other people are using it to uphold the systems that oppress us.

i'm a writer and artist, and this page will be perpetually under construction. if you want to sign my guestbook, you can click the guestbook button, and if you want to read things i wrote, you can click the void plaza words button. if you want to donate to help keep satellite cult free, you can click the ko-fi button. check out the plaza chat at the bottom of the page if you want to make friends, and you can reach me at oli@satellitecult.xyz

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