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a virtual trshboy reality


my name is oli (they/he), and welcome to my corner of the net. i struggle to feel at home IRL, and i wanted to build a space where i could pretend to live in a cgi demo reel from the 80s. here we are. i love all things old web, but i don't think a total return to web1 is the answer to the ongoing corporate centralization of the net. like a lot of us, i miss when the internet felt like a place to have adventures.

i'm a writer and artist, and this page will be perpetually under construction. if you want to link back to my site, you can use the void plaza button below, and you can click the icons beside it for my contact info and personal links. if you make vaporwave music, glitch art, indie games, or related things for the web, send me an email and i'll check out your stuff. no guarantees, but if it fits, i might feature your work in my newsletter. if you're curious about my tastes, you can read a few editions of Satellite Cult.

Satellite Cult

i have a weekly newsletter about web-based music, art, and culture here. it's on hiatus until i have the will to make things again, but i promise it'll be back eventually.


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